• Trainee Engineer for Malayalam OCR project at IIIT Hyderabad [2013 - 2015]
    • I had been working on this project during my post-grad. The project was MCIT, GoI funded, aimed at developing OCRs for Indian languages. IIIT Hydearbad was the lead institute for developingg Malayalam OCR. The project introduced me to the various aspects involved in building a Document Analsysi System, starting from the data collection and annotation phase to the system deployment. Our team included annotators, developers and engineers who looked into aspects like - layout anaysis, segmentation, recognition and postprocessing. My role was to improve upon an SVM based recognition module.
  • Skill Development Executive with ASAP Kerala [2013]
    • ASAP is an intiative by the Kerala State goverment to increase the employability of Higher Secondary and undergrad students. My role as a SDE was to help the students to improve theri basic communication and IT skills, and to equip them for the next levels in the training.
  • Business Analyst with S&P Global Market Intelligence [2009 - 2011]
    • I worked as a business analyst in the tech team at the Hyderabad office . My role was to collect the requirements from the clients, draft software design documents and essentially to smoothen the interactions between the tech team and the business team.